Visualizing Your Experience

Amal journey

My experience of the Amal journey was amazing and unforgettable. I learnt about teamwork, smart goals, positive thinking, procrastination, Microsoft excel, PowerPoint presentation, passenger series, resume designing, cover letter and interview process.

At the start, I was feeling confused about Amal fellowship. First, I thought it will be like a normal fellowship of any institute but after taking the first session I was really very satisfied about fellowship. it helped with career consulting, positive thinking, visualizing my smart goals, taking steps for my career. I was satisfied with my amazing experience of online sessions. it helped me a lot with my daily experience of talking with people, getting things done and doing my daily tasks.


At the start, it was difficult to understand everything but with the passage of time I was feeling satisfied, happy about my journey with Amal. It was really very helpful in my daily life works. It was just amazing throughout the time period. It helps me to understand different prospects like taking things in positive manners, understanding teamwork, leadership.


In the first two weeks, I learnt about developing my smart goals, teamwork, getting my things done on time, thinking positively. I settled my smart goals. I also revisualize my career goals. It helped me a lot to settle my goals and to start work according to my goals.

life with scenery

I discovered about my life goals, my strengths, my weaknesses. It helped me to resettle my life journeys. It helped me to visualize my career goals and understanding my self. I recognized my self, my problems and my best moments of life, my experiences. I tried to improve my self according to situations. I was feeling very confident after completing the fellowship. it was just an amazing experience.


Thankyou Amal team, Amal Instructors, my Amal fellows for this amazing journey.

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